Working Harder from Home

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the stink and dirty show


I was speaking to a long-time friend the other day. He was a national Scrabble champion 15 years ago. He and I have known each other since the fifth grade, and we have remained friends for all these years, despite the fact that we only speak to each other about every two or three years. The last time I talked to him he was marrying his high school sweetheart. I had flown in to stand by his sideĀ and support him as his best man. Now, 32 months later, I speak to him again, and his life has changed drastically. He tells me that he had graduated college about a year after the wedding, and went to work for an accounting firm immediately. The job he took seems like it would be a dream because he works from home and gets to choose his own hours. How great is that! Unfortunately, he made a choice that turned his perfectly easy day into a hard day’s work. You see, he and his wife made the decision to forgo babysitting, and he would watch their two boys while she was at work. He told me that in the beginning he couldn’t get any work done. It was a full-time job trying to keep the boys entertained and out of trouble. One day while searching the web he stumbled across a website about a children’s cartoon called The Stinky and Dirty Show. He thought that sounded like a terrible show, and went on about his day.

Later that same day he told me his boys had completely destroyed his backpack and was going to need a new one quick. My buddy told me that he had this website he would go to before he bought anything. The lady that runs the website is a product research expert. She is a mom, and she is very picky about what she buys for her kids. He knows that if she recommends something he can count on the fact that it is the best. So while searching for a ballistic strength backpack he noticed three words….Stinky & Dirty. He could not believe that she had that show on her website! She actually had written a review about the show, and supported it. She said it was the perfect show for boys, and teaches them very good values such as problem-solving skills, and social skills. He couldn’t believe it, but decided to check it out just because she recommended it. My friend said that the show was an answer to his prayers. For the first time, his boys would play constructively. They had learned from the show to find constructive things to do, or figure out instead of running around without a purpose. Before the show they were destroying things, and after they were building things. So thanks to the mom at for the wonderful advice, and thanks to for setting such a great example for his sons. Now my friend can get some real work done. He works a little less hard from home now, and gets to spend some enjoyable time with his two sons.

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