Word Game Buddies – Security Guards

Aug 19, 2016 by

Do you know who likes board games and word games? Security guards!

Yes, people who work as security personnel are fond of playing board games and word games, not because they do not like their jobs or that they do not focus on their tasks, but because these games not only keep them company especially during long, graveyard shifts, but also because the games keep them sharp and on their toes, thanks to the mental stimulation that it provides.

Of course, they should only be doing these games during breaks and whenever they are allowed by the company to do it. But that is all beside the point. The highlight is the amazing fact that board games and word games are so useful, even security officers are into it.

We all know that besides wearing gears (www.sp-usa.org) that can help them be prepared for any emergency situation, these security officers need to be alert in mentally.

What better way to stimulate the mind than to engage in board games and word games? While they may not always need to use these words in their work, increasing one’s vocabulary is never a crime, whether you use it for work or not. There is no harm in harnessing the gift of words, even if it would just be through games.

Also, we all know that these security personnel have codes that they use to signal different situations. If one does not fully grasps the concept of these words, then it would be difficult to retain to memory the many secret codes used in their line of duty.

Indeed, engaging in word games is such a great thing for security officers. It also showcases just how versatile they need to be. They need not just focus on keeping their bodies in great shape, but they also need to make sure that they are not mentally weak. Not stimulating the brain enough will lead to an underused brain and when that happens, all other skills could follow and decay.

In my amazement at how security guards are so good in playing these games, I sometimes visit them during their breaks. In our local area, they are usually gathered in the park whenever it is their day off. I would challenge them to different games and it would be amazing how they could put up a great fight. Sometimes, I win and sometimes I lose. But winning does not matter because everybody has a great time always.

This coming Christmas, I plan to give my favorite security guard buddies a gift that I saw at http://www.sp-usa.org/the-top-6-tactical-police-and-security-jackets/. This is my little way of telling them that I really appreciate not just their work, but also their keenness for word games.

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