Technology In Red Dot Sights

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Technology In Red Dot Sights

As you may know, red dot sights are an attachment for guns that gives you a clear view of your target with a red dot. We know what they are for but do we really know how they work? What goes into making one? When were they first invented? All these are questions that I can answer for you in a few short paragraphs. For more information and reviews on red dot sights read here.

What Is Inside A Red Dot Sight?

There really is nothing to these sights actually. The inside is a hollow tube and includes a concave lens with a thin coating that’s metallic that reflects red light but other colors are transmitted freely, pretty neat, huh? The dot itself is just a reflection off of a diode that emits light inside of the tube. The first one of this king was created in 1975 and was known as the “Aimpoint Electronic”.

Reflex Sight Technology

This is the category that most red dot sights fall into. This is pretty much just a mirror inside of a scope. The aiming reticle is projected forward by a point that comes from behind the objective lens and then is reflected back off of that lens assembly towards your eye. The coating on these lenses are tuned carefully to reflect only light wavelengths that are emitted by the reticle illumination system. Some are fiber-optic and some have a tritium beta lamp used for reticle illumination.

Holographic Sight Technology

These have almost the same technology as the reflex sights. The only difference is that with a holographic sight, the reticle used for sighting is superimposed on your view of the target by a laser transmitted hologram. Basically a picture of the reticle is taken and forms a window in which you can view your target. These sights are also made so that light will not be altered when going through the window. And yes, there is in fact a laser inside of the sight. The beam is bounced back to the shooters eye from a hologram window that creates the reticle image. This image will then project 50 yards in front of you.

Laser Sight Technology

Essentially this is a large laser pointer used for shooting things and can tolerate recoil. The laser needs to travel from the gun, to the target, and then back to the gun and still be visible to the shooter. The visibility can be affected by daylight, reflectivity of the target, fog, rain, smoke, and other environmental factors. The laser needs more power than the other sights for this exact reason. Unlike the other sights, since this is made from lasers, you will be able to see the red laser beam shining on your target and through the fog or snow.

The technology of these sights are really nothing too confusing. They are essentially mirrors and reflections. The fact that they have been around so long means a lot. Back in the day, there wasn’t much fancy technology and people made these sights with just the bare essentials. It is surprising that there aren’t just sights coming straight out of the gun without it being an attachment, or is there?

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