Taking Chess Enjoyment to the Next Level

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Taking Chess Enjoyment to the Next Level

As a chess enthusiast, you likely spend a considerable amount of time engaged in the game. Tensions can run high as you make strategic moves to ultimately win the game. However, if you’re anything like me, devising plans and carefully considering each move can start to feel more like business than pleasure. In order to ensure you’re able to truly enjoy the game, there are a few tips you should consider employing.

Change Your Environment

If you tend to confine your chess game to the den or other area of the home, it can be fun to mix things up and simply change the environment. A fun place to engage in a game is in the great outdoors, and this can provide a pleasant setting for you and your closest friends or family members. Of course, if you choose to take your game out in a wooded area, it’s important to come prepared with tools such as bear spray, and you can find everything you need to stay safe at http://www.bushcraftpro.com/.

Try a Blitz Session

According to Chess Beta, the average length of a game of chess is 40 moves. When each player takes three to four minutes to make their move, the game can easily last hours. To switch things up, consider engaging in a blitz session. Typically played online, this allows you to play ten or more games simultaneously. You can even up the ante and play 30 or more bullet games in an hour. Not only does this help you work on your speed and concentration, but it also allows you to meet new people and face challenging opponents.

Analyze Your Moves

playing-chessWe all make mistakes. How many times have you lost a game and wondered in your mind what you could have done differently? There is now a tool available to help you analyze your moves to become a more aware player in the future. Chess.com gives you just what you’re looking for. When you download the game off their site, you can review mounds of helpful data to help improve your game including:

  • See where you and/or your opponent first went wrong
  • See moves you could have made to win the game
  • Invite your opponent to review the game with you to learn together

Correspondence Style Chess

If the high speed of blitz or bullet chess just isn’t for you, correspondence style chess may be worth trying. This version of the game is typically played online, and you are given a timeline of around three days for each move made. This allows you to very carefully consider your game plan as well as enjoy a prolonged session that can last weeks. This can build up anticipation and help you enjoy the game on a different plane.

Taking Chess Enjoyment to the Next Level

According to Quora, there are more than 600 million active chess players in the world, and it’s no secret why. The game involves strategy and keeps participants on their toes. However, if you’ve found that you’re more focused on winning than enjoying the game, you can miss out on the pleasure Chess is intended to provide. By following these tips, you can find yourself enjoying the game on a whole new level.

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