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Readers of this site will know that I am all about communication and my preferred method is the gold old fashioned analog way of a face to face encounter with other people. Communication is one of the main distinguishing factors between humans and animals. We have evolved to a stage where practically everything we do involves communicating with other people.

What people do not think about a lot is that communication is not just spoken word. Our posture, demeanor, body language and facial expressions have become an integral part of the way we deal with each other. But modern life has also evolved through technology and fortunately and unfortunately the world has become a small place, making it easier to travel but also to communicate with far away people.

I personally have close friends and family on all 5 continents and because I hate communication through email, instant messaging and SMS I am always picking up the phone if Skype is not available. Despite phone call charges to the rest of the world having come down in the last 15 years, my phone bills have still been causing me some concern.

$150 monthly home phone bills would not be uncommon and I don’t mind paying the price to stay in touch with those close to me. But I did start doing some research into cheaper alternatives in recent months and I think I have a set up now that saving me some serious amounts of money.

The very first thing I did was to buy a cheap VOIP adapter which lets me set up my phone connection over my Internet provider. This would immediately save me the roughly $20 per month line rental that I was paying.

Then I researched some Internet phone service providers with cheap calls to all corners of the world. This is where my phone bills were racking up the highest Dollar amounts, so my focus was on reducing those. I have now been trialing 4 different providers and I am now down to 2 of them which seem to have the most reliable service while offering some very cheap calls.

Finally, I invested in a new home phone system and I found a really great Panasonic cordless phone package. It includes 3 handsets so I can have them spread around the house and I will not end up helplessly searching for a phone only to get to it once the caller has given up.

My test has been running about 3 months now and I can say that the results are nothing short of astounding. I invested about $130 in the adapter and cordless phones (the latter wasn’t really necessary) and so far my average costs have come down to under $80. But this is not really a like for like comparison. I took a closer look at my call time and here is what I have found.

Since switching to VOIP I am using the phone 20% and I am saving almost 50% per month. My initial investment has basically paid for itself already and its all savings from here on.

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