Importance of Communication In International Relations

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In this blog entry, I would like to share a story that embodies the importance of communication, especially between people of different race and culture:

>>> Hello. I am Kim and I am from Korea. I grew up in a country where English is not the primary language. I spent almost half of my life in Seoul. I know many of you want to visit my country. I cannot blame you. I am proud to say that Korea is indeed a beautiful place. There are so many things to see and great places to visit, not to mention the beautiful faces and welcoming attitude of Koreans. If there is one thing that I don’t like much about my country, it is the fact that we are not fluent in speaking the English language. As a matter of fact, most of us have difficulties speaking even just the basic English.

I don’t bother myself much about English, well, not until I became an exchange student. I have been dreaming of visiting the beautiful country, Philippines. I was chosen as an exchange student and it was a dream come true. Filipinos are very welcoming. In my first few months in the country, I was able to gain new friends. However, I had difficulties communicating with them. Of course, they know how to speak not just their native language but English too. If there is one thing I love about Filipinos aside from being hospitable, it is the fact that they are fluent in speaking English.

I was to dig in to the conversation. I want to be surrounded by them. I want to communicate with them, but my English is very limited. There was even a time when I feel like I don’t belong because I can’t even start a simple conversation in English. All I know was “hi” “hello” and “thank you.” What I did was I ask a friend to teach me English and Tagalog on the side. I am paying her per hour. I don’t mind paying her as long as I get to have a chance to learn the language. I have been studying the language for quite some time now and I am extremely satisfied with the result. I am now confident speaking the English language. As a matter of fact, I can now start a conversation without worrying if my English is correct or not. Aside from my English tutor, I also do my own research online. Communication is very important and I urge everyone to learn the language before it is too late. <<<

Kim’s story is nothing but a representation of how crucial communication is in the lives of every individual. Of course, despite the story’s English-centric nature, it does not mean that the English language is superior to other languages. While it may be dubbed as the universal language, it does not encompass the vastness and complexity of communication.

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